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Monday, October 16, 2006


Lorcan Dempsey's point (Networkflows) about workflow reminds me of an aspect I haven't addressed porperly, namely the fact that networked materials may have started out relatively isolated/standalone but now we are seeing a web where people don't necessarily pay an explicit visit to a site to gather material or experience, but are fed them through means that might make the source invisible to the user.
As we start to see our materials built into the workflow, their failure may result not in the traditional server error/page not found message, but in the breaking of a service for reasons opaque to the user. Like Google's spellchecker, Flickr etc., people will only build their applications using our materials as a source of data or services if they are confident that they will be reliably available - and if we don't offer our assets as data sources then we will be sidelined and perhaps others will step in.

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