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Friday, January 19, 2007

Perian Sully on the "New Media and Social Memory" symposium

Musematic: New Media and Social Memory - Artists vs. Users? Perian Sully offers a typically insightful response to George Lucas' proposition that it is the artist's vision that should be the one preserved:
"It’s always the artist’s prerogative to be able to go back and remake their artwork. However, I remember the cries of anguish from my Star Wars fan friends when the Special Editions came out. They felt that the integrity of the story was compromised by the new shiny flashy digital additions. The story didn’t change, but the look and feel, the experience of the film had changed..... If museums are preservers of cultural memory, and new media art is dependent upon the user experience to survive, whose vision wins? Should the original user experience be the main goal of preservation efforts, or should the artist’s intent be first and foremost? "

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