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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Odds and sods 2

A couple of really interesting links from today:
  • From hand-crafted to mass digitized by Gunter Waibel at Hanging Together. There's loads I identify with in these summarised remarks, and a fair bit to argue with. An evolving discussion on the balance between the practical, the ideal, and the flexible. Gunter also wrote recently about the environment in which LAMs operate, pointing to Lawrence Lessig's "modalities of constraint" - factors regulating behaviour. The latter fits nicely into the paper I'm writing, at least if I can work through the 32 odd pages of this reference.
  • Where Do We Put It? Fitting the Web Into Museums from Nina Simon (on Museum 2.0) pointed me to this thesis by Karen A. Verschooren. Fascinating thinking and material on internet art, much of which logic can probably be applied beyond that precise field and onto other museum digital resources. I'll have to read another 200 pages or so to confirm this, but it looks promising! Nina's post in interesting in itself for its response to the thesis. I'd like to do them both justice here but it will have to wait.