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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm through

Got through my APG transfer. Phew. It wasn't entirely painful (I had a sympathetic, patient and friendly panel) and I came out with some useful suggestions, especially WRT my research plans (ignore small museums), my schedule (give myself another year) and where I might go with this question of value (look into other types of value). Clearly I could have done a better job with my paper and my talking about it evidently cleared up some questions for the panel, but I don't think I gave a very good idea of the amount of theoretical work I've done. In other words I sort of cracked up. I know the paper was pretty crap, though, which has something to do with writing it in a rush after finishing paper 3 at the end of September, meeting Ross to discuss a fortnight later, and getting the APG paper in a week after that. It's also not unrelated to the fact that in 1000 words or so it's hard to summarise the 30,000 words I've written - all I could do was say what I'd looked at, not what I'd found.
But hey, I'm through, they said some nice things and made useful suggestions so now I must move on and knock that research plan into shape.