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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MLA reorganisation outlined

24 Hour Museum (looks like it's still called that) says that the MLA Board has now anounced its plans for their imminent reorganisation.
So now we can see the plan. Well, sort of. I can't really fathom too much from the management rhetoric in here, except that they're being obliged to slim down, reshaping (for what is this, the fifth time in a decade?) and things are going to be tight. However it may all work out well, at least insofar as making it more comprehensible and transparent to outsiders. I for one have found the structure of the MLA and its agencies confusing, and this goes for the Hubs too - we may be the lead member of one such, but I still find the relationship between Hub, partners and MLA(regionalagencyhere) to be, um, enigmatic.
Hopefully the stuff about "finding new ways to share information in a digital age" is a good sign. MLA has good people on board and perhaps they'll work more tightly with frontline museum folk if their own resources are more limited. Or not - they may have less time for consultation. Time will tell.