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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Testing oneTag

Well, I'm not at MW2008, more's the pity, but I'd like to try out Mike Ellis's latest tomfoolery which is, as usual, a bloody good idea. OneTag lets you bring together all the stuff tagged with your choice of tag, from your choice of sources. It's in action on the MW2008 conference site so let's see if this post gets in there. First OneTag spam, anyone?
Cheers, Mike!

[edit] the answer to this is it didn't work and it didn't work and it didn't work and I decided to look at the Pipe, followed that lead to Technorati and found that it hadn't updated my site's content since February, pinged it and it's now listed, but because I have very little authority (a measly 3) it won't show up with the feed that's currently in the Pipe. Bummer. Still, at least I found out that Technorati had forgotten about me!

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