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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The slightly better shape we're in

Well one thing I didn't mention yesterday was the good news, which is that Friday saw the official launch internally of a new set of guidelines for "digital programmes". This is something that Pete had been working on for some time, doing exactly what I've been arguing for from the point of view of planning, not just for current usefulness, but for longevity. That is, he makes explicit links between the strategic and business aims of the organisation, and our digital activities. From there he turns this into a set of principles or activities that must be followed/carried out by "any member of staff considering the creation of a digitally based resource either as an item in its own right or in support of an exhibition, publicity campaign or event ". It's a very thoughtful document and a really big step for us. In fact it's pretty big full stop - 25 pages big.

Another part of the document outlines the planned ICT committee (heavy on the web), and gives a dozen strategic considerations that underlie the document such as centralised programme assessment, interoperability, technical fit, and some interesting ones like flexibility, which relates to the ability of potential partners to respond to our needs.

There's plenty more in there. There are still holes to fill, but I'm hopeful that this document will make a difference to how commissioning takes place from now on, with fewer nasty surprises for us and better allocation of resources for all.

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