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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Europeana launch

Tomorrow is the official launch of the "final prototype" of Europeana, the super-duper service bringing together content from museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual archives around Europe. There's so much to be excited about, but I've not even looked at the latest version myself - all the same, the prospects for the project seem to be improving all the time. My own institution aside (still no content from us, I'm afraid, although there's enthusiasm among the ranks), there's momentum growing here in the UK with several institutions signing up in the last few months, most recently those forward-looking folks at the National Maritime Museum. The restructuring of digital heritage at the strategic level, care of the Collections Trust, also bodes well I think.

Here are a press release and some FAQs that are apparently no longer embargoed, so fill yer boots. And by the way I've blogged plenty about this project before both as Europeana and earlier as EDL

Europeana Press Release 20/11/2008

Europeana FAQs 20/11/2008

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