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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Uncontroversial title

Well it's all going off on Mike's blog, and previously on the MCG list, plus other (much more) considered opinions on Tom's blog and hopefully elsewhere. The subject matter: Creative Spaces, at last. "At last" because it's not been discussed properly by our community since its launch. Actually that's not quite fair: Tom's first post went up yesterday, and it's a thorough review supplemented today, so good on him. I'd planned to write something but haven't (still) checked it out properly.
Frankie kicked things off today, and after a bumpy start the discussion on those various venues has been fruitful I think. My thoughts are scattered around the place but, as I say, precede any real knowledge. Basically I think it's an idea with plenty going for it and which is a necessary experiment that we'll all learn from which, at the very least, will hopefully leave a legacy of some infrastructure (technical and organisational/political) for the 9 partners. It may be that there's a lot more than that, and it will make a very interesting case study. In the meantime, genuine congratulations to Carolyn Royston and her team for battling through all the challenges and getting this far. It's humbling, when you produce the sort of modest stuff I do, to see what's possible (if you have some resources).

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