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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LIDO references

I've had cause to send links about LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects) to a bunch of people and every time struggle to find them because they don't float to the top in Google and, being PDFs, the Delicious bookmarklet doesn't cope with some of them so I hadn't put them there.
So anyway, if you're looking for a way in to LIDO, here are a couple of good references:
If you know any other resources worth adding, let me know. Also, your thoughts on where LIDO fits in and what its strengths and limitations are would be very welcome! The documents stress that it is a harvesting format rather than a full data exchange format, but is it actually perfectly good for this in many circumstances? If I choose to use it as the format for records coming out of our (forthcoming) API, will I be missing something important?
BTW I have now added these to Delicious the manual way: http://delicious.com/jottevanger/lido


Robert Huber said...

Hi Jeremy,

I just implemented LIDO support for CollectConcept. Some examples how this format looks for real objects can be found here:
or here

Jeremy said...

Hi Robert,
Thank you, that's very cool indeed. LIDO in the wild, and on what looks like a really exciting service, too (if Bing's flaky translation of your home page serves me well enough!) Do I understand correctly that it's working in the same sort of space as eHive? That seems like a really interesting area to be bringing standards like LIDO to - it means that bit by bit private collectors can get their collections into a form where, even if they never get actually drawn into Europeana and the like, the two can still be aligned. Good luck with it, and thanks for bringing it to my notice.