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Monday, May 04, 2009


I hadn't twigged that the 2007 ICHIM was in fact the last of that long-running series of bi-annual conferences, which ran, amazingly, from 1991. April's issue of Curator starts off with an interview with David Bearman on the ICHIM's history, why it ended, and what next. Let's not forget that dbear and Jennifer Trant also run the universally adored and enormous Museums and the Web conferences, but ICHIM covered somewhat different territory and arguably there's a space that needs filling now...

...which is why it was timely that on the same day I found that interview, I also read about DISH2009:

"Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) is a new bi-annual international
conference on digital heritage and the opportunities it offers to cultural

DISH 2009 takes place in Rotterdam December 8-10th, and the CFP is up. It looks interesting: taking a step back to look at strategic questions of innovation, collaboration, management etc.

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