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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Museums Association digital events

The Museums Association is bit by bit getting more involved in the digital side of museums. There's never much in the Museums Journal, to be honest, but Museum Practice has regular web reviews in and recently ran a feature on in-gallery digital media.
The only conference in that area that I recall the MA running was, ooh, 2006 or so, but there are two more coming up. In June we have World wide wonder: museums on the web (NOT to be confused with the long-standing MGC-run UK Museums on the Web conference that I presume will take place later that month). There are some great people lined up for that, with perspectives ranging from academic to managerial to dirty-hands coder to strategic.
Then on September 18th is "Go digital: New trends in electronic media", which looks like it draws upon the sources interviewed for the MP special (including the director of public programmes here, David Spence). In contrast to June, it looks like it's going to be focussed on off-line media.

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