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Monday, March 17, 2008

A few more Paris notes and an update

A dull post. I listened to my recording of my talk in Paris and jotted down notes on a few things that came up in the discussion, thought I'd get them down here. Also, I updated the list of input parameters I put up before and updated the version on Scribd.

Those extra points:

Geo search
There are geographical search (and geo plus time) projects going on in eContent Plus and IST, using co-ordinates, place names, changing boundaries etc. We would hope to incorporate these (possibly post-prototype). Everything in Europeana will be public domain (development-wise) therefore the software will be there for the taking (I hope I got that right!)
"Privileged" tags
We mooted the possibility of privileged tags, i.e. those produced by certain authorised users, perhaps agreed by certain groups. Tags created by these users (most likely content contributors) would be treated differently so that we could pull out only certain items with a tag. But probably, rather than giving them some specific "privileged" status, we could achive the same thing just by identify them by contributor, user group or contributor type.
Stuff to clarify
  • Licensing data model and assumptions
  • Core common data
  • Where is the boundary between Europeana and the contributor sites? Maquette seemed to include considerable data and the actual content displayed in-site for some types of asset e.g. images, but others might be held off-site. What are the rules?
  • What needs to be added to the API to work well for libraries and archives?

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