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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's new

Stuff seen:

SearchMe beta, a search engine which shows a visual results (images of the web pages) categorised (as e.g. museum, art, shopping, fishing). Quite nice. Silverlight I think. It's a bit SW (in its results clustering, for example), though how it goes about doing this I don't know, but other "semantic" search stuff has shown up lately. TextWise (small "sw", I guess) has just been reviewed by TechCrunch, which was doubtless part of the point of offering a $1m prize for suggesting uses for its technology. Hakia is another such.

Stuff I've been doing the last week or two:

  • the Great Fire of London site for Key Stage 1 kids finally soft-launched.

  • working on templates for the Londinium site - the bulk of my time right now

  • preparing the digital republication of an out of print handbook for identifying roman pottery fabrics. I probably mentioned it before, it involved the export of Quark to PDF, the export of PDF to XML, translation via several XSLT steps and manual clean-up to TEI-Lite, and finally modification of some XSLT to display this as an HTML page. Most of this was a while ago; right now I'm getting ready for the images which will need to be embedded once all the scanned thin sections are ready.

  • testing out and integrating Flash interactives with our CMS. Several are pretty much ready for launch, including two from the London Sugar and Slavery exhibition, and two games

  • advising as best I can on the development of the replacement map interface for the LSS gallery

  • fretting over the re-branding exercise the MoL group is engaged in. how much work is it worth doing right now to fix issues on the sites if we'll be overhauling the whole thing in the autumn?

  • testing new search engine SearchMe (see above). Didn't get good results for "roman london" yet, but it's only indexed a billion pages or so....

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