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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hey MCG Listers!

Thank you for visiting. I see that some 30-odd listers have had a peek at my summary of the recent EDL/API thread - I hope it was worth the trip to this blog, and I'm really pleased that the thread must have piqued the interest of a fair few people, still more than actively participated in the thread (and lurking is just fine by me, I lurk on many a list). Anyway, I switched on comments after posting (though I've forgotten ever turning them off) but it turns out that this isn't retrospective, so if you wanted to say anything in response to the EDL/API post you couldn't. Hence this one - you can stick any responses to that API stuff here if you like. No pressure, though!

Cheers, Jeremy


Frankie Roberto said...

I subscribed to your blog on the back of the MCG link, so you at least gone one extra reader.

Jeremy said...

Cool, thanks Frankie! And I keep an eye on yours too. Now I feel a responsibility to get stuff up there regularly and keep you coming back!
Cheers, J