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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Following my off-the-cuff post about the Museum of London's strike (in which I did not participate, not being a member of a union), it's become apparent that there is some confusion as to the status of this blog. It's important, therefore, that I make it very clear that the contents of The Doofer Call are a personal expression only. This is a research diary for my PhD that I've chosen to make public in order to engage in debate and help people find things that interest me; my profile states this. However, because I talk regularly about things I'm doing at the Museum I can see that casual readers might mistakenly believe that I am writing in an official capacity, or with official sanction, and any confusion is my fault and for me to address. Hence this post.

Friday's missive may turn out to be factually incorrect (one might argue that the pay at MoL is not rubbish, or that the pay rise was not over a year late) or inaccurate in its representation of the reasons for the disgruntlement that led to the unions striking, but that's not really the point. What's important is that it's clear that what I wrote was not an official press release, but the completely unofficial, independent expression of someone who is also employee, written at home, out of office hours (like this).

So for clarity, I am posting a disclaimer that can also be read as a declaration of interests. Please read it here.

My apologies to anyone who previously mistook this blog to be anything other than my thoughts in my words, I hope this has made things clearer.

Note: all of the organisations with which I have a formal relationship are included as tags on this post in the hope that people searching for the organisations and stumbling across this blog will also see this clarification.

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