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Friday, June 06, 2008

Small API update

A couple of small advances on the API front (again, see here)

  • fixed a bug on the geo thing. For some reason an imbecilic code error wasn't breaking the script on my machine, but did on the web server. Now fixed.

  • a CDWALite-lite output for individual object records (example). There's more to add, glitches to fix, and ideally a better solution to the URL, but it's a start. Next thing is a search interface but that depends upon agreement within the Museum. A good solution may be to combine CDWALite and OpenSearch-style RSS, with the records enabling users to find the data end-point, as well as the HTML rendering. In due course I'll probably add tags to HTML record pages to point at data like this, or I may do it with some POSH.

  • the photoLondon website data now has a basic API, which I'll put on the live site next week. It returns basic person details and search parameters include: surname, forename, keyword, birth year, death year, "alive in" year, gender, country of origin, photographic occupation and non-photographic occupation. I'll work on the search result format soon, as well as the person details.

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