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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Disclaimer and declaration of interests

The following are organisations with which I have a formal relationship (most of which I've written about at some point). The opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone, and are not to be attributed on the basis of this blog to any of these organisations:
  1. Museum Of London, my employer. This includes Museum in Docklands and MoLAS. The Museum is also a contracted partner in my PhD

  2. the City of London Corporation write the contracts and the pay cheques, and the Greater London Authority are 50% partners in the Museum

  3. University of Leicester, Department of Museum Studies, at which I am studying for a PhD

  4. Lexara (and previously Simulacra and MWR), the non-academic partner in my PhD. Lexara also supply some technology to the Museum of London.

  5. Richard de Clare Primary School, where I am a parent governor with oversight over ICT across the curriculum

  6. EDLNet, the EC project for which I am the official representative of the Museum of London

None of the above sanctions or previews anything that I write here. Equally, you should read my remarks in the light of my committments to them all.

If anything written here is inaccurate or unclear, please contact me directly or through comments about changing it.

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