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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

links wot caught my eye, #4 of n

  • Augmented Reality Field Trips & the 150th Anniversary of the U.S. Civil War - ReadWriteWeb. For us, the start of the First World War is the big looming anniversary, but in the US the Civil War is also hugely significant, and the 150th is anniversary is pretty much here. I'll be keeping an eye on how it's marked to see if there are ideas we can port over for three years hence.
  • Internet Archive Partners With 150 Libraries to Launch an E-Book Lending Program - also RWW. I worry that, whilst e-book lending may take off, it's going to be hard for libraries to come up with a proposition that makes them the place to go in order to borrow. I wish them well but can't help thinking of Canute's legendary demonstration of inevitability
  • Interim report card on O'Reilly's IT transformation insights into the progress they're making in transforming IT inside (perhaps) the world's greatest IT publisher
  • AR browsers - RWW again. Argon looks kind of Layar-like but I like the idea of Argon-enabling a regular website with a few lines of code (whatever that means). I still don't know what Daqri is but I guess if it gains traction we'll all find out.

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