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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

links wot...#2 of n

OK here's another quick blast of stuff that's worth a glance:

Easy and Cheap Authoring for the Microsoft Kinect with Open Exhibits - Ideum
Yet again, cool stuff from Ideum. Their core OpenExhibits multitouch software is free to museums and the like, and now here's a plugin to make it work with Microsoft's Kinect interface. Niiice.

Mission: Explore (link to OS blog)
Kids to entertain over half term? Want something vaguely educational/stimulating but not dull for them to do? Looks like there are some good ideas courtesy of Mission: Explore

"Internet of things" links
For some reason I've seen several articles using the phrase "Internet of things" these last few days - it's not new but I guess it's trending (like the word "trending"). Here are some:
  • Mobile Phones Will Serve as Central Hub to "Internet of Things" - ReadWriteWeb
    Some interesting figures and observations, and the idea of the mobile phone in this role makes ever more sense. It has identity, multiple communications protocols, mobility and flexibility, ubiquity, ever more power... Figures.
  • Thingworx (HT TechCrunch)
    Although the thin TechCrunch regurgitated press release thing mentioned "internet of things" I'm still not very clued in on WTF this is. Your imagination can run wild when faced with such imprecise claims, but still, it could be interesting. The most important news from the TC perspective, of course, is that they have Series B funding. Phew.
  • Mobile, social, being in the world with the ‘Internet of things’ - Mariamz
    Finally, an orthogonally different meaning of the phrase, but a most interesting one (and nothing to do with gadgets). The Mariamz perspective is always unique!

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