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Friday, February 18, 2011

links wot...#3 of n

OK not a lot in this one but I may as well get it out there.

  • Whither social search?
    O'Reilly Radar is getting together with Bing to cover the future of search, which they promise to cover much more widely than just Bing. Just up, here's a video here that frames the idea of social search and gives an idea of the sort of future Bing, and probably many others, envisage for letting us make the most of the wisdom of our network.
  • Digging words
    From the same source, you should also check out the interview about WordSeer. Digital heritage scholars, check it out and have a go at the heat mapping. I tried the word "cane", seems as good as any. This is very timely for me, given that I spent this morning discussing how to make a neglected archive of potentially immense historical value work for us and for scholars through digitisation. When you have a mile of shelves groaning with typed transcripts, there's a clear use-case for powerful tools like this.

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